Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lone Tree

11 x 14 oil
contact me if interested

I was drawn to this spot because of the pine tree growing out of the top of this rock in the Garden of the Gods. How can the tree have made it? Of course, I understand how...the wind blew a cone which somehow started and lasted. But in this windy spot, with very little dirt, and a dry climate that averages only 15 inches of moisture per year, the chances of growth are slim. This tree is strong physically as well as mentally. It has to want to survive! I admire such perserverance; both in trees and in humans.
Speaking of trees, I struggle with scrub oak (the scrubby trees in the lower left) in winter landscapes. In small daily paintings I've found I can brush in gray strokes, and they appear as trees. But, in bigger landscapes more detail is necessary. I mix several different grays and paint trunks and branches in layers. As spring is still several months away in Colorado, I'll just keep working on this.