Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New Beauty

6" x 6" oil on canvas panel
$100.00 + $10. s/h
contact me if interested

Asparagus are one of my favorite vegetables (is the plural asparagi, or asparaguses, or neither?) I love them steamed with melted butter. And, if no one's eating with me, I just pick them up with my fingers.

I've been re-reading "Hensche on Painting" by John W. Robichaux, a birthday gift from my sister. The book is filled with Robichaux's notes from Hensche's classes, as well as transcriptions from tapes. "Give your viewers something more than decoration. Give them something that will raise their level of vision. Let them see a new beauty through your eyes." In this piece, I'm letting the viewers see the asparagus from the bottom up.


Natalie Italiano said...

I really like this piece. Interesting view point, and I like the colors. Glad you are enjoying the book by John Robichaux. He really clearly explains the process of color study.

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

This couldn't have been easy and I love the background too - lots of movement and pairs so well with the colors in the asparagus. I like them grilled with olive oil and butter.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Nice piece of work..Its a pleasure to be on your blog..BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook