Tuesday, July 26, 2011

100 Garden & Floral Oil Paintings, Original Artwork by Pam Holnback, 76/100

And Now Some Orange
6" x 6" Oil
$100.00 + $10. s/h

The day lilies in our garden are gone, but two weeks ago when I painted this they were prolific.


Celeste Bergin said...

very nice! Perfect shape and color

BrandNewStudio said...

Excellent work.
It has been delightful
to visit your gallery.
Good Creations

AutumnLeaves said...

Love the softness of the orange, Pam. So beautiful!

Deborah Elmquist said...

Beautiful and captivating. You handle the colors so skillfully.

Carrie'sCreations said...

Day lilies are so beautiful! You've captured them perfectly.

Pam Holnback said...

Thank you Celeste. They're sort of a geometric flower, so I tried to soften the shape.

Skizo, Thanks. Glad to have you visit.

Sherry, Thank you. When you really look at lilies they have a soft peach in them, at least mine seem to.

Thank you Deborah. I'm so enjoying these flower color studies.

Carrie, Thank yo so much!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I absolutely love that gorgeous coral-pink inside the day lily - it is so full of sunlight! You're going to be finished with your challenge soon - I've really enjoyed seeing all of these challenge paintings (along with your other work as well).

Art Collector's Corner said...

Very nice, just beautiful!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Pam, love your painting, great colors, and your garden, all very gorgeous!

suzannepaints said...

lovely job with the daylillies! rather sturdy and delicate all at the same time.

Pam Holnback said...

Thank you Claire! I've still got 20 or so to go, but yes, I'm almost there! Already thinking about another one, but maybe shorter.

Thank you so much Art.

Nancy, Thank you! I love the summer when there's so much in the garden! Never endless paintings!

Thank you Suzanne. Study and delicate are a great lily description.