Saturday, August 20, 2011

100 Garden & Floral Oil Paintings, Original Artwork by Pam Holnback, 83/100

Hot Or Not?
100 Garden and Floral Oil Paintings, 83/100
6" x 6"  Oil
$75.00 + $10. s/h  SOLD

"END OF SUMMER" SALE!  All paintings purchased in the month of August will be marked down.  My 8" x 10" oils will be on sale for $100.00.  My 6" x 6" and 6" x 8" daily paintings will be on sale for $75.00.  All other sizes are marked down as well.  Please email if you are interested in a painting posted in the past and I will change the paypal button just for you!

At this time of year, many people roast chilis.  Fresh roasted chilis are a great addition to a meal.


carol morgan carmichael said...

Love the colors and simple composition!

AutumnLeaves said...

Now I am just dying for a Chicago style hot dog! With this little gem on top!

Sheriart said...

I see traces of red underneath, so I say it's hot. Beautiful shadows.

Celeste Bergin said...

HOT! and nicely painted!

hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted, Pam!! Love the shadows!

Pam Holnback said...

Carol, thank you! I love getting back to simple still lifes.

Thank you Sherry. I didn't realize what a Chicago hot dog was!

Sheri, Thanks so much. I wanted the tone to be the complement. And, it just lent itself!

Thank you Celeste. Actually, these aren't hot!!

Hilda, Thank you. I love using white fabric on still lifes as the shadows can go so many ways.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Pam, Love your subtle color changes, and gorgeous shadows! Beautiful work!

Angela said...

I really love youw shadows and your pepper paintings.