Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Colors

Fall Colors
Oil 6" x 8"
$100.00 + $10. s/h

My husband and I recently got home from a 3 week trip to Vermont, Maine, and Nova Scotia.  The idea for the trip started with an artist friend showing pictures of a trip she had taken to Monhegan Island, Maine in the '70's.  For several years a group of us kept saying that we should go there!  Well, one day last winter the trip got planned.  16 of us: artists, husbands, family, ended up on Monhegan Island for 4 days in September/October...more about that soon!  My husband and I have friends from high school who have Vermont connections.  Since Vermont is near Maine, (relatively speaking when you live in Colorado!) we went to Vermont for a week at the beginning of the trip.  I'm pretty biased toward the fall colors in Colorado, but Vermont was spectacular.  New England in the fall is every thing that they say it is!  Each day got more colorful and more beautiful!

This painting was done near Lincoln, Vermont.  We had wonderful weather, stayed in a quintessential Vermont farmhouse and a wonderful lake house, went for walks, visited, laughed, saw the sites, had fun.  And, I managed to do a little bit of painting.  Every thing that a trip should be!


Debbi Smith Rourke said...

Such a vivid and colorful painting! And what a glorious trip you had. Vermont looks enticing in the fall. On my list now. :-)

martinealison said...


Il est bien difficile de pouvoir résister au spectacle que vous offre une telle nature en fête...
Je comprends aisément que l'envie de sortir vos pinceaux vous ait pris ! Une bien jolie oeuvre aux couleurs automnales.
Vos photos sont également merveilleuses.

Gros bisous

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Gorgeous colors!
I love Vermont and have spent many happy times where you visited.

Pam Holnback said...

Thank you Debbi! Definately get it on your list!!

Martine, Merci beaucoup! Les photos montrent juste à peine comment il était beau.

Thanks so much Julie. I'd never been there before and was amazed at how beautiful it is. There's a painting at every corner!

suzannepaints said...

What a beautiful painting and what gorgeous photos. You have captured the beauty. Love it!