Sunday, September 14, 2014

Loafing Shed -- Day 3, Painting 1 South Park Plein Air Arts Celebration

Loafing Shed
Day 3, Painting 1 South Park Plein Air Arts Celebration, Fairplay, Colorado
Day 14 of the 30 in 30 Days Challenge
Oil  12" x 16"
$295.00 + $10. s/h

Day 3 of the South Park Plein Air Arts Celebration started out very cold and rainy.  At about 10,00 feet you have to be prepared for all types of weather.  So, instead of standing outside in the mist to paint, I set up inside this loafing shed.  I was protected from the elements, but had on a hat, a hoodie (with the hood up over my hat), and a jacket.   I loved the way the cloudy light filtered in between the wood and the bit of a view out the livestock window.  I took artistic license with the floor of the shed.  When I drew it in slanted, it just didn't read well, it looked like my perspective was way wrong.  So, I made the floor and roof a little straighter.  


pattie remmey said...

Hi Pam, I think your subject of the loafing shed is very interesting also. Yes,the way the light filters through the wood slats. It's interesting in real life as well as your painting. You captured it well, but what is a loafing shed? Keep including the photos of your painting travels because it is fun to see such a different kind of landscape.....maybe it is because I'm so drawn to wide open spaces. Sometimes I think that in a previous life I was a cowgirl or farmer's wife, or a painter of the west......or maybe that is in my next life.....or the next chapter in my present life. Ha ha he he ha

Pam Holnback said...

Pattie, Thanks so much for this and all of your comments. So love your years of correspondence with me. A lacing shed is seen all over the west. It is long and narrow and the front is usually open. It's a great place to store hay bales or for the animals to get some shelter. I should have also posted a photo of the time!!