Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hidden Barn

Hidden Barn
plein air oil  9" x 12"
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$295.00 + $10. s/h

This is another of the paintings from the recent Littleton, CO. Paint-Out.  The afternoon was very hot and I was looking for a cool spot along the river.  This barn was hidden a bit behind a hill, but visible from a parking lot.  And, luckily for me there was a tree that provided enough shade for me and it was right next to the parking lot.  How easy was that for a hot day!

I have to admit that I changed the barn colors from a dreary, faded tannish to a much brighter, nicer color.  I find cool spring greens, which you see here, a bit harder to mix and paint than beautiful, warm fall greens.  They're a bit bolder, brighter and sometimes seem too bright.  But, they've been dormant all winter and want to get out and express themselves!

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