Saturday, July 9, 2016

Good Cheer

Good Cheer
plein air oil  6" x 6"
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$100.00 + $10. s/h

I recently finished painting a series (4) of yellow roses that are growing in our side yard on a trellis.  This is the first in the series, the next 3 soon to follow!
As I often do to find names for my paintings I went to Google to search "yellow roses", found four good titles, and learned:

"Long associated with the sun and its life-giving warmth, yellow is the age-old spokes-color for warm feelings of friendship and optimism. In many Eastern cultures, the color represents joy, wisdom and power. But while any yellow flower will send a lighthearted message, the history of the yellow rose in particular has an optimistic, serendipitous character that really makes it the complete package.
By the 18th century the worldwide love of roses was in full swing, but they were only cultivated in shades of pink and white. At last, the elusive yellow rose was discovered growing wild in the Middle East, and the European love affair with yellow roses was born. The early yellow rose lacked the sweet scent for which the rose is famous, however, which was not to be tolerated. So, as cultivation methods were developed and refined, the beloved sweet-and-spicy rose scent was soon introduced and the yellow rose achieved all its optimistic and aromatic glory."


hmuxo said...

A beautiful yellow rose and such an interesting post!! Thank you for sharing!!

Pam Holnback said...

Hilda, you are so welcome! Thank you for looking!