Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hanging On The Line

Hanging On The Line
Oil  16" x 20"
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Last month I did a smaller plein air painting of this laundry.  (click here to view that piece)  This is a larger studio piece, from a different view, but the same laundry "hanging on the line."  This laundry is  from Rock Ledge Ranch here in Colorado Springs.  I loved all of the different whites and the movement created by the breeze.

I also think that I loved painting these laundry pieces because they remind me of my childhood.  when I was a little girl my mom hung the sheets out on the line to dry.  I remember them blowing in the breeze and remember running through them.  As artists, we paint what we see, but we also paint what's in our hearts.

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Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Pam!
This painting is marvelous! The values all in just the right places. The light upon the sheets and through the sheets is beautiful. Another added attraction for me is that it brings back a memory of my childhood before laundry dryers when my own mom (and me when I had to help her!) hung laundry on outside lines. I can still "smell" the freshness.
I always enjoy your creations and visit your blog often.