Monday, February 9, 2009


6" x 6" oil on masonite
$100.00 + $10. s/h
contact me if interested

I wanted to continue painting whites. This was the whitest vegetable we had at the moment. I'm not sure why, but the browns appear red and the grays appear blue. I played around with the color and couldn't get it to change; don't know what's going on. It's always something.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Yes, white is so much fun to paint - and what a great idea! Garlic bulbs are so interesting, too. Enjoy!

Maryam Moshiry said...

Hi Pam, Thanks for commenting on the paintings. I used to live in Isfahan and sure it is a beautiful city.
I enjoyed very much looking at your paintings. I really like the composition and the way you used white on this one.