Saturday, July 11, 2009

Studio Incamminati Workshop Day 5 -- Last Day

This is our class from the Studio Incamminati workshop, Color Study: Still Life and Figure Painting for Art Educators, taught by Natalie Italiano. Teachers came from Utah, Colorado (me!) & Ohio, as well as locally NJ and Pa. There are lots of workshops offered here. It's a pretty amazing atelier with incredible facilities.

Again, we had a critique after the 2 days of figure studies.

Here I am w/ my studies from the last day...seems to be a little glare on the paintings.
It was a great week. Tomorrow I'm off to the Jersey shore. I'm looking forward to that, as we don't have beaches in Colorado.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

The workshop looks like a fun group and your figure work has a very Peggy Kroll Roberts effect...nice!
Have fun at the shore.

Pam Holnback said...

Dana, you're right, these studies are a little like her pieces. I wonder if she studied Hensche.

Karen said...

Hi Pam, So good to see what you've been working on lately! That plein air at the lake is just stunning!

The workshop sounds great! It reminds me of Camille Przewodek's one that I went to last Fall...those boxes!! She took her cues from Henche also. It's such a different way of working isn't it?

Cathyann said...

Hi Pam,
I was in the first summer workshop at Incam, it looks like things are well organized now and that the workshop for teachers is doing well. My eyes opened up to color through that 2 week period and am so thankful for it.
Thanks for sharing the workshop photos!
Enjoy the Atlantic!

Pam Holnback said...

Karen, yes, this is kind of like camille's. i like how this method really makes you look at the colors!

Cathyann, thanks for visiting my site. i checked out your blog...great paintings! a 2 week workshop must have been very intense. i would have loved 1 more week to really get to the next steps.

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