Monday, July 6, 2009

Workshop at Studio Incamminati

I am spending the week in Philadelphia taking a color workshop, Color Study: Still Life and Figure Painting for Art Educators, at Studio Incamminati. Color study is a way of learning to see and understand color as the effect of light on form. It was inspired by artist Henry Hensche, and shows us how to see beyond an object’s local color and to understand how light, whether naural or artificial, influences how we see color. Instructor Natalie Italiano (in the above photo) is explaining how to see and paint light and shadow masses as individual colors using painted boxes.

This is my first piece. We painted a simple grisaille of a box which included about 5-7 color notes/shapes. We then started by painting the most easily seen color, which is usually a color in light. In this case the top of the box (in my painting, the top is a little brighter/lighter, I don't usually photograph my paintings indoors.)

This is my 2nd piece. Again, I started w/ the top of the box, in my painting it is a little more violet than the photo indicates. I can see here, that I should have made the table cloth a little warmer. That's what tomorrow is for!


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

This sounds great, can't wait to read more!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Pam, This looks like a great class! I love the colors in your paintings, really beautiful! This may be an odd question, but here goes, why are you painting on the back of the stretched canvas?

Sandra Galda said...

What an interesting workshop. I am wondering why the back of the canvas is being used too...I imagine for economy becuase they are exercises?

Phillip St. John said...

I sell a dvd about Henry Hensche I originally produced in 1975 on 16mm film. It is $40.00, free shipping. If you'd like more details:
I also have an original oil painting by Robert Douglas Hunter for sale. More details are at:
Both Henry and Robert are forces in the art world.

Pam Holnback said...

Dana, Thanks, the class is great. I'm going to try to post everyday.

Nancy & Sandra, That's a great question. I taped smaller canvas sheets from a pad onto the back of the stretched canvas so that I can stack them back in the box to get home on the plane.

Philip, Thanks for visiting my blog. I will check out both those sites, and pass this info on to those here at the workshop.