Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silvery, Green Alaskan Light

Silvery, Green Alaskan Light
Alaskan plein air #7/14
     6" x 8" oil on canvas on board
     $100.00 + $10. s/h

Both the sky and the reflective water in Alaska often had a silvery, green light.

In case you're wondering about those shrimp pots from the last post, twice we went shrimping and had great dinners!  It was quite a bit of work!

 1.  First we filled bait boxes.  Then, took the pots from the stack, flipped them over,  put the bait in, and tied the nets shut.                          

2.   Next, we threw them down from the roof to the main level, then                                                                       attached them to a line and threw them in!  (Although I think that                this photo is actually pulling them out.)  We then motored back to                                               our anchorage and waited 24 hours.

3.  Using a hoist made it all easier.


4.  Each pot was lifted to the roof.  The
shrimp were then dumped into this big pot.

5.  The head of each shrimp was broken
 off and thrown back in for someone
 else's dinner!


6.  Getting dinner ready!  These shrimp were 
 soaked in salty water for 24 hours to make them 
 less rubbery and tastier.

7.  Then all the pots were stacked so we'd
be ready several days later to do this again!

I'm sure some of you are familiar with all of this.  But, catching fresh shrimp is not something we do in Colorado!  I truly felt like I was on the TV show "The Deadliest Catch"!  We just didn't have any rough water!

I'm not sure why #2 is so erratic.  It looks perfect when I look at it in my posting set-up, there aren't any strange word spaces and there's not much room between #2 and 3.  Any thoughts on this?  Oh well, it's always something.


martinealison said...

Combiner, la pêche, la peinture, le plaisir des papilles en un c'est absolument génial... Tout me paraît réussi! Une toile peinte avec votre immense talent... Bravo!
Et le reste, grâce à vos belles photos parle...
Gros bisous et félicitations pour cette jolie publication.

AutumnLeaves said...

You've perfectly captured the sense of coldness in Alaskan waters here, Pam. So beautiful! As to the shrimp, I don't eat them at all (I don't like seafood) but it sure was interesting to read!

Janelle Goodwin said...

It looks like such a great adventure - shrimping in Alaska and plein air painting! I'll bet the shrimp tasted delicious!

Amy Hillenbrand said...

Loved how you treated the water on this landscape. Shrimping does seem like a lot of work, how did you cook it?

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

Thanks for the details and the paintings on this incredible sounding trip of yours!

Pam Holnback said...

Merci beaucoup Martine!

Thank you Sherry, I doubt that the waters in Alaska ever get warm!

Janelle, Thank you. Yes. It truly was a great adventure!

Thank you Amy. We had the shrimp several times, several ways: grilled in butter and garlic, fried, omelette, and kebabs.

Anne, You are so welcome. It was an incredible trip!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Pam, painting and eating , two of my favorite activities! Love seeing your travelog, artlog, and foodlog, all at once. Your painting is beautiful, and captures the mood of the landscape!

Shirley Fachilla said...

The water looks beautiful and icy cold! And the shrimping sounds very hard. Guess everyone worked up quite an appetite.

Pam Holnback said...

Nancy, Yes! Thank you! Painting and eating go hand in hand!

Thank you Shirley. When you're in the fresh air most of the day, you really do get hungry!

suzannepaints said...

Beautiful work. Your shrimping adventure sounds great

Celeste Bergin said...

beautiful painting and the travelog is a lot of fun too

Susan said...

Hi, Pam - I am glad I found your blog and was able to see how you captured the silvery Alaskan colors. Such an interesting read - and quite an adventure!

Pam Holnback said...

Suzanne, Thank you. The whole trip was an adventure!

Thank you Celeste. I figured that since I;m painting on a trip, might as well include it all!

Thank you Susan. So glad that you stopped by!

Angela said...

Love those blue mountains