Thursday, September 5, 2013

Victor Celebrates The Arts -- #3

Aspen Shadow
Oil 16" x 20"
$495.00 + $20. s/h

After painting the mine (in the previous post) early in the morning, I headed over to Gold Field.  One might say that Gold Field is a part of Victor, or on the edge of Victor, but in the 1890's it was it's
 own town. 

Recently I posted a piece of an aspen grove painted on a violet toned canvas (click here), I loved the result of violets peeking through.  So, planning ahead I took a similarly toned canvas with me up to Victor.  I rarely paint a 16" x 20" plein air.  I got set up here about 10:30.  And, headed back there at about that time three days in a row seeking the same light.  

Here are some shots of Gold Field:

I guess this would have been the main street.  That's the old City Hall and Fire Department to the left.

This is the view toward Victor.


Fay Terry said...

This is lovely, Pam. The hints of violet add so much to the painting. I love the way the trees are painted.

Pam Holnback said...

Thank you Terry! I love painting aspen!

Jane Hunt said...

How fun - it turned out great!

Karen Bruson said...

Very nice!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Pam, wonderful painting, and wonderful story! Great post!