Friday, January 30, 2015

Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow
Oil  12" x 9"
$195.00 + $10. s/h  click here for Paypal

This is another painting from Bear Creek Park which is right next to my house.  I'm so lucky to live by such a great park.  It's almost 700 acres. I love walking it's trails.  I've painted it in every season.  I love watching the sunrise over the far hills.  It provides me with great joy as well as never endless landscapes just waiting to paint!


Sue Marrazzo said...


pattie remmey said...

Hi Pam,
Glad to see that you are back to blogging. "Fresh Snow" is lovely, very crisp. How lucky that you have a 700 acre park beside you. How do you stay warm when painting outdoors in the cold.
From Pennsylvania painter Pattie

Pam Holnback said...

Thank you Sue and Pattie. Don't know how I missed your posts!! So glad that you liked this!