Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding
Oil  11" x 14"

This was a commission for a wedding gift.  It was a fun and challenging piece.  The wedding was held at this spot;  the wedding trellis was just to the right of the palm tree looking out over the water.  What a great location.  If I had been a guest I would have had a hard time looking at the ceremony and not at the view!  While it never rained that day, it was breezy, gray and a bit more over cast than in the painting.  My challenge was to make it "the day", but not too gray.  I've been to Hawaii once, and luckily it was to Maui.  So, I used the photo I was emailed by the guest as well as several from our trip to get the right gray, cloudy, blue sky, blue/gray water combination, but, yet not as gray as it really was that day.   I'm happy with the way it came out.  It shows that the wedding day wasn't perfect weather, but it was a perfect wedding!  May the couple have years of happiness in all weather!


curtis03 Lewis said...

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Sara Aniston said...

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