Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hay Barn

Hay Barn
plein air oil  9" x 12"
Off To A New Home!

I was lucky to have spent 6 days in September painting on a ranch in Mancos, CO;  three days the first week of the month and three days the last week of the month.  Mancos is near Mesa Verde National Park, near the Four Corners, about 6 1/2 hours from Colorado Springs.

Living on a ranch must be fun and exciting, but oh so much work!  While we were there the hay had just been bailed and this barn was full of horse hay, which I learned is different than cow hay.  Horse hay has to be covered.  Cow hay can be left out.  Also while we were there a cow died, a cow got out,  sixty cows had to be moved to a different pasture, the ranch dog got hurt, a fence was painted, an electric fence had to be installed, feed had to be picked up 60 miles away.  It's never endless.  My hat (my cowboy hat) goes off to all ranchers and farmers!


pattie remmey said...

Good painting, Pam. Looks like it was a slightly overcast day. The foreground is painted well.
I have romanticized about living on a farm or ranch, but it does not require much to understand how much work it is, especially with animals. I see what you witnessed and that was just for a few days. I love the wide openness of Colorado.
I did a few plein air paintings so far and I really do like it. The days are getting cool fast... not much time left.

hmuxo said...

I love how you painted the foreground...very realistic (and yet!) Excellent painting! I remember reading somewhere that you can vacation on a working farm, and work it as if your own. When my husband found out about this he would've loved to have done this.! However, we both know that farming is tough and I truly have so much respect for farmers!!