Friday, November 4, 2016

Old Wringer

Old Wringer
plein air oil  10" x 8"
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This old washing machine (and quite a few others) was sitting in a former garden supply store.  I loved the color!  Right away I knew I wanted to paint it.  I photoed the others in case I don't get back there soon to paint, although I imagine they'll be there next spring.

I'm sure that this washer was thought of as very modern and made washing and rinsing much easier!  After items were washed and rinsed, water had to be removed by twisting.  To help reduce this labor, the wringer/mangle machine was developed.  The mangle used two rollers under spring tension to squeeze water out of clothing and household linens.  Each laundry item would be fed though the wringer separately.  The first wringers were hand-cranked, but were eventually included as a powered attachment above the washer tub.  The wringer would be swung over the wash tub so that the extracted wash water would fall back into the tub to be reused for the next load.  I remember as a little girl, my mom had the washing machine set up so that the rinse water would go into a big sink and that water would be reused for the next load.

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