Thursday, May 11, 2017

Across The Street

Across The Street
gouache  6" x 6"
please contact me if interested

This was the view "Across The Street" from our Airbnb in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  Our b&b was right on Leather Street, the main street in town.  It was a wonderful location!  Besides corn, Cotacachi is famous for it's leather goods.  Up and down the street were dozens of stores with incredible items made out of leather:  purses, luggage, shoes, hats, jackets and more.  There were factories and rooms where some of the products were made that were open for visitors.

The architecture of Cotacachi was interesting.  It did not have a beautiful colonial center like many towns in Mexico, Central America & South America.  It has been slowly rebuilt with cinderblock buildings amongst the remaining colorful, older houses.  Because so many ex-pats are moving to Ecuador there were several gated communities of very new homes where many of the gringos lived.

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