Wednesday, October 1, 2014

And The Beet Goes On!

And The Beet Goes On!
Oil  8" x 8"
$195.00 + $10. s/h

A friend has a huge plot in a nearby community garden and dropped off a bunch (is a group of beets a "bunch"?) of beets a while ago.  I love the color of beets and new that before we ate them they would become a painting!

I just googled "beet" and learned so much from Wikepedia!  I didn't know that "Betanin" the color which is obtained from the beet, or root, is used industrially as a food color.  That makes sense, it's so bright and beautiful!  I didn't realize that the betanin is used to improve the color and flavor of tomato paste,  jams and jellies, ice cream (I've never had beet ice cream..maybe it's used to color strawberry ice cream!!??), and breakfast cereal (so now kids can say that eating cereal is really healthy!)  

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