Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Henny Penny

Henny Penny
Oil  6" x 6"
$100.00 + $10 s/h

I don't know much about chickens.  I have no idea what kind of a chicken this is.  (I googled white chickens and found that there are many kinds of white chickens...White Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island White, Leghorn.  I had no idea!)  But, it's one of many chickens that my friend Marianne raises out on their ranch, MudFlap Ranch.  I was out there recently and took hundreds, maybe dozens, of pictures of all of the chickens and the rooster.  I do know that if you keep throwing out chicken food they'll run to the food.  This makes picture taking pretty easy.  I also know that different kinds of chickens lay different colored eggs.  My husband picked a basket full of a beautiful colored eggs....which made great omelets.

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