Monday, June 11, 2012

Kissing Camels

Kissing Camels
8" x 10"  Oil
SOLD -- Commission

This recent commission was painted for a woman who found me by googleing the "Garden of the Gods."  I hike there regularly and have done many paintings of the park.  She went to my website, looked at my local paintings, and contacted me.  After many emails back and forth, she decided to have me paint this scene instead of buying one that I had previously painted.  For those of you not from Colorado Springs, and not familiar with The Garden of The Gods, near the upper left top of the cliff you can see the camels kissing...thus the name!

This morning I went to her home, as she just bought another painting!  Never underestimate the power of the internet.  And, bloggers, make sure you have great labels on each post that can be picked up by Google.


hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted, Pam...and yes, I see those camels! Congratulations on your commission!!

Karen Bruson said...


CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the ideas of camels kissing rather than spitting. Congratulations on your new client.

Pam Holnback said...

Thank you Hilda. I should show some of the other GofG cliffs and names!!

Karen. Thanks so much.

Thank you Sherry. You/re right. They do often spit, but the name wouldn't be so romantic and great!!

Bridget Hunter said...

Congratulations. I'm not surprised the client bought from you. Great work

Theresa Paden said...

This so so beautifully painted :) Glad your client was able to find you on the web!