Friday, January 18, 2013

On My Easel..2

On My Easel..2
17 of 30
Oil 16" x 20"

I'm adjusting the 30 in 30 challenge to work for me.  One of my goals is to paint more large pieces, and I can't do that everyday.  But, I can paint almost everyday.  So, I'm showing some of the daily progress on this commission.  

I've loved painting this!  I paint cows, bison, but I don't paint lots of horses.  I'm not around horses that often, and they say paint what you know.  Well, they also say push yourself.  (Not sure who "they" are!!)  So, when I got this commission I decided to go ahead.  I've loved the challenge.  I think the hardest part about painting someone's horse, is just that.  The horse belongs to them and if some body part is a bit different, they'll notice.  Which is why I paid close attention while drawing him.  I used grid lines and Bargue references.  I don't usually grid drawings.  Mentally using Bargue reference lines and points is always helpful and useful in any drawing.


Douglas Clark said...

It is looking good Pam. I want to keep working on painting larger as well.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

you are so right about getting the conformation of the horse but it has a completely natural look to it from here.
This is going to be spectacular.

Pam Holnback said...

Douglas, thank you. It's nothing but time! One large piece is just several small ones!

Thank you Mary! I'm glad that you said it looked natural. I think I've been looking at it for too long!

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

It's so fun seeing your progress and watching this work come to life. Looking fabulous!! Congrats!

CrimsonLeaves said...

This looks amazing, Pam.

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

I am so interested in how your painting is coming together; seeing the process is so helpful. That horse is right in her surroundings, connected one to the other.