Monday, December 5, 2016

House On The Corner

House On the Corner
plein air oil  8" x 10"
$195.00 + $10. s/h
Holiday Sale  $156.00

In mid October I participated in the "Florence Paint The Town Plein Air Event" in Florence, CO.  Florence is a small, rural town about 50 minutes south of Colorado Springs.  It's a fun event as there are so many great things to paint every where you look:  landscapes, the Arkansas River, ranches, old buildings, and so much more!

The last morning of the event is a Quick Draw, where you have 2 hours to paint anything that is in, or that you can see from, a small neighborhood park.  An old car or truck is brought in for the artists to paint, artifacts are set up on a picnic table, and sometimes a model is provided (usually in old western garb.)  After walking around the park searching for my subject, I saw a charming yellow house on the corner.  The light was creating a strong pattern on the side and I immediately knew that this was to be my painting.  I quickly drew a pencil sketch of where the light and shadows were as I knew it wouldn't last for more than a short time.  With in 30 minutes the entire wall of the house, except for one little corner, was in shadow.  I painted the light area as quickly as I could and used that corner as my color spot for the light.

It's so important to not chase the light when plein air painting.  Use your sketch as your reminder of the darks and lights.

The holidays are almost upon us.  For November and December I'm having a holiday studio sale.  All of my paintings are 25% off with free shipping.  Many of my paintings can be seen on my Daily Paintworks site, or scroll back through my blog.  Email me about any paintings that you would like and I'll send you a Paypal button with the reduced price!  Thank you!