Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Gallery Work Wednesday


"Traditional Reds" oil  12"x12" has been juried into The Rice Gallery of Fine Art, 

Overland Park, Kansas, STEMS Plein Air Paint show.  The exhibit hangs through July.  

I love it when I can plein air paint right out my door!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Garden Of The Gods Visitor Center


I'm excited to have work displayed at the Garden Of The Gods Visitor Center                                          here in Colorado Springs.  

The show, "Our Natural Splendor", continues through May 16th.   The paintings                                  depict the land and skies found here in the Pikes Peak region. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Florida Skies

My husband and I spent a good part of this winter exploring the Gulf coast of Florida.  
I had been to Florida several times, but never on the west coast or in the Panhandle...we loved it!

As I always do when we travel I took my paints.  I have several travel set ups:  one very compact for flights, and one for car trips.  They are both great.  The smaller set up requires me to think through everything I take.  The larger, which I use for most of my plein air outings, gives me much more room on my palette.  Additionally, in the car there was room to just throw in a lot! 

These are the 15 Florida skies that I painted.  I am now working on one large Florida sky.  
For availability, please check my Daily Paintworks Gallery


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Gallery Work Wednesday


Fresh Bales  Oil 12" x 12"

Field Of Clover  Oil  12" x 12"

Once again this year I have been juried into "The 144 Exhibition & Online Sale" at Parker Arts Center, Parker, CO.  All of the paintings had to be 12" x 12" or smaller, thus the title:  144.  Like many shows during the Pandemic, this exhibition is being held virtually.  

I look forward to the hopefully near future when once again I can attend exhibitions in person!  Although I think that in the future, many events will be held both online as well as in person.  Online events have allowed people in other states to view art that they would not have previously have had the opportunity to see.  I guess that you can make lemonade from every lemon. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Gallery Work Wednesday


I am 1 of 11 local artists to have work at Kreuser Gallery, here in Colorado Springs, in their "Horizons, the Hope & Possibilities" landscape show.  To prepare for the show I painted dozens of small pieces (3 shown here).  From there I painted 6 large paintings and submitted the 2 above for my gallery wall.  

The skies in Colorado, and the entire western US, are always spectacular.  They're large, vast, open, dramatic, colorful.  The colors are ever changing.  Every time I'm outside there's another potential painting floating by over head.  I often feel that our skies are visual music.  Many of the titles for this series were   musically inspired.

"Evening Chorale" 24"x30", on the left above sold.  "Grace" 4"x8", bottom/middle also sold.  "Like Music" 5"x7" in the middle/middle and "Billowing Sails" 7"x5" top/middle have both also been painted as large pieces.  "Evening Symphony" 24"x48", on the right, is one of my all time favorite paintings.  It's our view from our mountain property.

The show is hanging until January 22nd.  If you live here in the Springs I hope that you can attend the show in person.  If you live elsewhere, check out the show online.

Here's what my painting "Evening Symphony" looks like in a room.  I love this app!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saturday In the Studio


I recently had a commission that was a Christmas gift.  A friend from high school told me about the trip her daughter and a group of friends had taken to the Caribbean for her 40th birthday.  The trip was in February, just before the Pandemic.  How lucky was that!  Anyway, she sent me this picture and asked if I would paint it for her daughter.  

This photo shows how I painted this commission.  The painting is 8" x 10".  I blew the photo that she'd emailed up to that exact size.  (Was lucky there;  didn't have to deal with size conversions.)  That photo was taped to a board for easy holding.  I put a clear plastic over it and gridded it so that the women would all be in the correct proportion.  I also blew the picture up on my computer to help with details.  

The colors of the water in this piece were so much fun to use..quite a bit different than my normal western palette.  

Here's the happy young woman on Christmas morning.                                                                                 (I didn't ask her if I could use this picture, so I clouded her eyes a bit.  I think I'll text her and get permission.  She's really quite attractive.)