Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Paint The Town...A few more pictures

During the week of the Paint The Town event in Florence, CO, Friday was designated 
as "town" day.  The idea was to paint with in a 6 block area of the old downtown.  
Florence, like many older towns, has lots of charming old buildings, both industrial 
buildings as well as lived in homes.  There's always a never endless body of work 
from which to choose.

My first painting on Friday was the upstairs window in a boarded up 2nd floor.  I was happy 
with the way this one turned out.  As you can see from the photo versus my painting, 
the light and shadow continued to change.  I did a quick sketch to start and stuck 
with that...trying not to "chase the light."

 On Saturday morning 4 framed paintings were turned in to the Bell Tower Arts Center.  
During the judging there was a "quick draw" at a local home.  The house was from 
around the turn of the century and had been lovingly restored.  The yard was filled 
with wonderful old trucks, tractors, antiques.   Again, so many things to paint in the 2 hour
time allotted.  I painted an old wash tub sitting on one of the back porches.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Paint The Town Plein Air Event, Florence, CO

I recently participated in the "Paint The Town" Plein Air Event in Florence, CO.  Florence is 
about 35 miles south of us.  It is most known for its' antique stores in the downtown area 
and for having several prisons (including max-security!)
Here are pictures of the locations for my first 3 paintings. 
The week started out with cold and snow and finished with warm, 65 degree days!

I've painted lots of old barns.  I love their character, age, and color varieties.  Every time
 I paint an old barn or aging structure, I wonder about all of the stories that are hidden 
within the walls.
  I also wonder how long these relics will be standing.

With the ease of immediate posting on Instagram, I find myself posting less on my blog.  
I'm going to "try" to remedy that!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery, Portland, Maine

Restored To Perfection
Oil  9" x 12" 

Old Windmill
Oil  12" x 9"

Tomorrow night, Friday October 5th, is the opening of "Changes" at Roux & Cyr International Gallery in Portland, Maine.  I'm thrilled that these two paintings were juried into the show. If you live in the Portland area, I hope that you can stop by the gallery during October to see the exhibition.

I "met" Susan Roux, owner of the gallery many years ago online.  We've actually never met in person but have known each other for about 10 years.  She reached out to me last year to submit to a show.  I love how the internet has made gallery & show submissions, making friends & meeting people, selling art and so much more (think about social media!!) possible today!