Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Covid Creations -- Post #1

It's kind of an unusual time right now.....not only with the Covid19, but with this program.  No matter what I do, it won't un-underline in the part that I see!  The button doesn't work!  And, the photos are perfectly lined up from my side.  But not when I look at "preview".  You probably thought that I just arranged them in a creative way!  Who knows what this will look like when I click "publish."  Oh well;  it's always something!!Anyway, we've all been quarantined for quite some time.   The first 2 weeks of the quarantine I happily painted away everyday.  Then, I needed a bit more to do.  I started sewing masks.  These are just a few of the masks that I made.  They all went to friends, family and donations.This was actually a lot of fun for me.  Maybe I'm a bit of a fabric scrap hoarder, but I had all of these scraps in a huge box.   Most of the scraps are from things that the kids and I made through the years.  Flannel pajamas that our son made in junior high;  shorts that I made for our daughter in pre-school;  fabrics that used to be on the family room pillows that were chosen by the kids when they were small;  on and on.  It became somewhat of a nostalgic project.  Also, I might be an elastic hoarder.  I had enough elastic to make 45 masks!  (Making ties is really time consuming.  I didn't like that!  And at that point started to lose interest;  although I persevered for quite sometime.)I'm now back to painting (and reading, going for walks, and watching Netflix.)  I've been working on landscapes for an upcoming show.  I have work in two virtual shows this weekend.  But, more about that in my next post.